No title, many thoughts.

Last time I wrote to you, summer was just beginning. Now, here it is, ending. Rude.

I don’t think any season passes as quickly as summer.  You’ll say, “Well, that’s just because you’re a teacher.” But I don’t think so. I’ve long maintained that there’s a certain magic to summer, and it makes people different. I suppose that could be why it’s gone in a blink. Just like all good magic, it’s over before you know it’s happened.

Anywho, it was a pretty eventful summer around here, but maybe not in the ways we’d hoped. First, we came home from our (very lovely) vacation to see a large section of our maple tree laying across our backyard (and our fence, and David’s car). A raucous storm took care of a very rotted branch, and that rotted branch took care of several other limbs on its way down. Then Hector (our tree guy) took care of the rest, because apparently it was unbalanced and a danger to our home, or whatever. (I’m very bitter over the loss of this tree, if you can’t tell. Plus, tree removal is expensive.)

Then, unrelated to the falling tree, David’s car broke down. So, that was annoying. (And expensive.)

THEN, the pressure tank for our well broke. Also annoying. (And expensive.)

And today, the bulb for our UV light filter went out. An-noy-ing. (And you guessed it – expensive!)

This morning, I told David that I thought we could make a pretty good case for why you should always rent and never buy. Harumph. 😒

Then, he told me that I should write in our blog more, and I said that we hadn’t really done anything to the house lately, and he said it didn’t matter, people just want to read my writing, and then I said that sometimes I feel like I don’t have anything good to say, and then HE said that it’s okay for things to not always be good.

Which hadn’t been what I meant at the time, but feels meaningful now.

The truth is, things aren’t always good (or easy, if that’s a synonym for you). But I am working so hard to actively practice gratitude, and the results are astounding. I mean, like my body actually feels different when I start thinking my grateful thoughts. Sometimes the thoughts come easily (like how my parents have so supportively lightened our load on more than one occasion), and sometimes I have to think a little harder (like how I forgot our property even had a peach tree until the spring, but now I’ve found new joy in all things peach). You can even read about the scientific effects of gratitude and happiness here and here, or maybe listen to it here. It’s okay for things to not always be good, and I stand by that. I’ve pretty openly shared some not good stuff on here. It’s even okay-er to talk about the not good. And yet, it’s empowering to know that something as intoxicating as happiness is more within our control than we think.

But, I digress. (Although maybe not really, because I wasn’t sure of the direction of this post when I started writing it.) Have I showed you my flowers lately? So, let’s start with when I planted them back in May.


They were so cute. David looked at me like I was crazy. “Don’t you need more?” he said.

Well, no. Because:


If you ignore those weeds, so will I. But seriously, 😮. I wasn’t sure how things would grow in our yard (it gets so scorching hot out front), but apparently the answer is “pretty well.” Taking notes for next year, and I hope to get my real garden going out back.

I’m starting a little project for our bay window, too. I’ve been on the hunt for an accent table to give that space some pizazz, and we scored a cute one at D & L Treasures in New Oxford. $10 later, we walked out of there with this guy:


Obviously not the finished look I’m going for, so I’ll keep you posted. Hoping I can fit it in this week, in the midst of all the back-to-school thoughts that are rattling around in my brain. (That’s actually how it feels when I try to sleep at night. I’m starting to hear them clatter.)

Be well and think grateful! ❤️

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