Well, I’m officially “into my thirties.” I’m now 31. I think the standard societal response is to mourn the passing of your youth, or to run through a checklist to see if you’re measuring up, or whatever. I think I would have fallen victim to that before, but I feel myself pushing pretty hard against it now. Life has been a challenge over the last few months. Sometimes, I’m surprised that I made it through it all. And lately, all I’ve been able to feel is a sense of peace. I’m just happy to be here.

So, about the farm! We made a huge push over the last couple of weeks to tackle some things we’d been putting off. I thought this was because my dearest friend and college roommate was trekking all the way from North Carolina (with husband, toddler, and infant!) to celebrate my birthday. This was true, but little did I know, David was also secretly prepping for a surprise birthday party. Last Saturday, I pulled up to the farm filled with people I love, and I’m still feeling overwhelmed with gratitude.

But you’re here to see the updates, amiright!? So, here we are.

You’re familiar with the dark-and-gloomy kitchen we bought. Wallpaper, dark cabinets, and a fake backsplash were not my cup of tea.

IMG_2041 (1)
Kitchen before
IMG_2040 (1)
Kitchen before
IMG_2041 (1)
Kitchen before


But we pulled wallpaper, painted, tiled, and covered the ugly island. We even replaced and frosted the glass on the cabinet. Still on the to-do list are a new ceiling and light fixtures, a butcher block counter top in the corner, and a little more decorating.

Kitchen after!
We covered the ugly tile on the island!
Kitchen after!


I’m sure you also all remember the living and dining room. If not, let me jog your memory.

Wallpaper - Start 1
Living Room/Dining Room before
Wallpaper - Start 2
Check out that light fixture…
IMG_2036 (1)
Living Room/Dining Room before
IMG_2037 (1)
Living Room/Dining Room before
Wallpaper - Progress 2
Living Room/Dining Room progress
Wallpaper - Progress 1
Again with the light fixture!
Living Room wall, after the new plaster
I loved the fresh, clean look of the new plaster!


And now, here we are! We pulled wallpaper, had the plaster repaired, and painted. We changed out that unique dining room chandelier, and started decorating. The cozy leather furniture was well-loved in my parents’ house for 15 years, and the couch is a Facebook marketplace find. Still to come will be a huge farmhouse table (Image result for heart eyes emoji) and some more decorating.

Living Room after! (including Wyatt)
Living Room after! (including Wyatt)
Living Room after


Now, for my favorite space so far: our den. I knew this room had potential from the moment I stepped into it, and it’s just really fun to be right.Image result for wink emoji The den before was dark-and-gloomy (it was kind of the theme in the house).

Den before


But we pulled the wallpaper and took down the warped wainscoting. Then we painted, replaced the ceiling fan, and decorated. Some of my favorite features are the antique sewing table we found in the barn (featured in the photo below) and the desk I updated all by myself. This room is the closest to being totally finished. I’m still in search of a standing lamp for the corner, and I’ll continue to cozy-up my desk corner.

Den after!
Den after!
Den after!
Den after!


I should probably get back to cleaning and laundry-ing and grocery shopping, but I’ll leave you with one more photo. Here’s my sweet sweatshirt-wearing pup, cozied up for a Sunday nap. See you soon, everyone.


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