Breathe, release, repeat.

I’m trying this new thing where I relax. I don’t mean “relax” in the sense of, like, kicking back with a book and a glass of wine. I’m already an expert in that, don’t you worry. I mean, “relax” in the “release” sense. As in, “release my arbitrary timeline of when things should happen and my superficial reasoning for why.” More on that another time.

Guys, the kitchen is looking awesome. We’re not ready for a full reveal, because there are still a few little things to complete, but it’s going to be really beautiful.


Other than the kitchen, we’ve kind of just been puttering around. The name of the game right now is “Pay the bills,” and I’ve put us on a pretty aggressive budget to be debt-free within a year. (I mean, aside from the massive 30-year debt of a house, but whatever. Real estate is an investment, right?)

But a tight budget shouldn’t mean having to give up all the pretty things; it just means being a little more planful. So when I decided that I was changing the color scheme for our den/office area, I got a little creative.


Here are the old throw pillows from the apartment. I’m not going with yellow in this new space, but darn if pillows aren’t expensive. I’m also not a sewer, so, dilemma. But thanks to the interwebs, I found a tutorial on covering pillows WITHOUT SEWING. Miracle of miracles! With new fabric, some Heat ‘n Bond, and my trusty iron, I have pillows that fit my updated color scheme.


Not bad for a Friday night-Saturday morning DIY! If you’re interested, here‘s the blog I used. Stay tuned for when I update a desk I found for $35 (because, budget).

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