This is a marathon, not a sprint.

Well, we haven’t worked ourselves into oblivion, even though sometimes it feels that way. No, we’re still here, and I promise I will keep posting! Things were at a bit of a standstill while we waited for the plasterers to complete their (beautiful, amazing, well-worth-it) work. Plus, we’ve been dealing with some nasty weather; have I mentioned that paint doesn’t like humidity?

But today was a much needed day off. I slept in, made a hearty breakfast, sipped my coffee, read my book… David and I even took the dogs for a long, leisurely walk. It all felt so luxurious. And now, I am here (mentally, physically, and emotionally) for an update! Where to begin?

We’ve made some improvements to the outside of the house, although the going is slow. You may remember that the shutters needed an update. They weren’t exactly the same shade of green as the roof; in fact, they weren’t even all green. See?

House without bushes
The shutters! I can’t!

This was a massive issue for my neat and orderly brain, so when David’s family rented two lifts earlier this month and generously offered to include us, we jumped on the opportunity. We power washed the house, took down the shutters, primed and painted them, and put them back up. It was a whirlwind of a weekend, but the results are Surprised emoji. Take a look!

Shutters - primed
Primed shutters!
Michael (a LIFESAVER) painting our shutters
Couldn’t do this without him!
Shutters - painted
Painted shutters!
Shutters - matched to roof
Shutters compared to the roof – we had it color matched!
Before power washing
No algae
Shutters - putting up
Using the lift to put the shutters back up
Shutters - using lift
A family affair, featuring Michael high above our roof

The inside of the house is chugging along, too. The plasterers finished their work, and it’s Heart eyes emoji. They worked quickly and did an outstanding job. Plus, they were just fun to have around. With old homes typically forgotten or even scorned, it was so nice to meet people who appreciate a sturdy home with good character. We’re hoping to paint tomorrow, but here’s a quick look at their craftsmanship.

Washed wall
Living Room wall, before
Living Room wall, after
Arch, before
Arch, after

I know, right!? Unbelievable. Allllllllllll of the heart-eyes-emojis. And I’m sure you’re probably thinking, “That must be all of the updates for now.” But wait – there’s more.

While the plasterers were working downstairs, we finished painting two more bedrooms upstairs. We used Brook Green from Behr for one bedroom, and Light Drizzle from Behr for the other. My parents and I managed to paint both bedrooms in just one Saturday. Go, team!


My dad, the Master of Cutting In
My mom, rolling on some Light Drizzle
IMG_2043 (1)
Bedroom before…
… And voila! Light Drizzle from Behr
IMG_2045 (1)
The other bedroom before…
…And now, with a soothing Brook Green (also from Behr)

See, and here’s why I shouldn’t go so long without an update. There’s still more. (I know, the mind boggles at the thought.) David and I started the process we’ve both been dreading. Painting. The. Kitchen. Cabinets. Anguish emoji

Here’s a refresher on what the kitchen looked like before, and a little peek at the progress.

IMG_2041 (1)
Kitchen, before
Cabinet doors off!
Drawers, sanded and primed
Priming in the kitchen begins

We leave for the beach on Sunday, but we should have even more finished before we go. Stay tuned for more progress soon!

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