Two men and a tractor.

This post will be a quick one, but I had to share what I feel is a noticeable improvement to the outside of the house.

We (drum roll, please) took out the bushes! Not all of the bushes, because the boxwoods are lovely. And not really “we,” either, because I didn’t have anything to do with it. My handy husband and brother-in-law tackled them, with only an ax and our small tractor (after taking the necessary precautions, calling every possible utility company, and having our gas line painted and flagged – safety first!)

Here’s what the front of the house looked like before, when it was overwhelmed by the scraggly evergreens:

Day 1 After - outside
Front of the house, pre-bush-removal

Not terrible, but we really felt like the tall bushes had become unsightly. Plus, I prefer leaves over needles any day.

But here is the house now!

House without bushes
House without bushes (but with brother-in-law)

Now, it looks a little bare at the moment. But I hope it’ll give those cute little boxwoods some room to breathe, and I (naturally) have big plans for lovely flower beds and tractor-rut-free lawn. In a couple of weeks, we’ll have the house power washed and shutters painted. A porch railing is also on our list of to-do’s, and I can’t wait for how that will complete the look. (Plus some hanging flower baskets and a couple of rocking chairs because, you know, farm.)

Signing off for now! Look for another update next week!


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